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"That We Govern for Freedom"
"Oceans and Atmospheres"

Elluminous of Florida

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A Natural Rule
/The Rule

A Natural Governance
These governances are my study, and a selection of 3 or 4, is neccessary to build a foundation of corner stones for education, and where a pyramid is not the only possible shape, and corner stones might vary by degree or angle, and number.

/Government of an ARCH
The government of construction; The construction of self, or buildings, or engineered problems among men.
/Government of Arch
A government of some construction, of arch, of so many things.
/Government of an ARC
The government of a spark, a natural arc, spark of life or electricity, magic, etc.
/Government of Spark
The government of a spark, a natural arc, spark of life or electricity, magic, etc.
/Government of an ARK
The government of belief; a natural belief, planet and environment, ark of life.
/Government of an ARCHY
The government of action among men. Judges (by request), leadership, arbitration, tribal, church, or company and group leadership ... etc.

Link to the photo topography of the illuminous/elluminous presentation. 2015-2019+

Chapter, Florida 2018-2020

Not building a Fantasy 101
  • Do the work.
  • Earn the knowledge with experience and natural intelligence.
  • We are animals of earth's flocks, try not to make deliberate mistakes.
  • Corner stones foundational governments are indicated for study and applied approach, strength of shape, and with pinacle. The blocks are understood and stacked per each personal study.
  • I accepted designation to state and national governments in writing.
  • Creation of Elluminati chapter and

Michael is aspiring as fellow (tenured teaching of some study), is earning perspective
  • Seeking to understand: Architect of the RULE and GoA; The discovery of Marley's RULE, discovered indicator for early thoughts on architects of cartography and preliminary GoA Perspective.
  • Seeking to understand: Architect of the Elluminous;
  • Seeking to understand: Arkitect, an Arkist Belief, governing according to natural rule. (
  • Seeking to understand: Arcitect of the Spark; My own spark of Magic (not unlike sparks of the universe, electricity, electricity of animals (EELs), or invented by species x,y,z, or some relationships with science, etc.)
  • Governace style indicated, the corners stones of this elluminous pyramid indicate a selected study as foundational, and studying for applied sciences relative to existing order, are shown with the Rule at the top.
  • The RULE is a perspective model. Where the RULE is typified with a ruler of distance and light, a measure, the equation is a measure for natural energy over long periods of time where applied is that science and to prevent that which could cause illness or harm from energy environment. The RULE is presented as Marley'S RULE, because i made the discovery; like other scientists, i name it after myself, a vanity. The RULE is a perspective model. Where applied to sciences, someday, a 100 people might each state some perspective for the rule is better than the next, and of those nations using the accepted methods for disercing such application of rule, each develop their own perspective of the rule. Like the planet is common between us at our feet, so to is the RULE of our skies and plaents and stars each day and night near that life and water part of us. I gave given more than order of the arkitypes, but a also a ruler v1.3 with the rule, a pmtm, and shown measure for the universe at and indicate further applied study at
  • The rule is presented at; I have been ruling earth for many years from America with the RULE sciences, and am still learning the complication of high level interaction as a citizen aspiring the seat.
Contributions as Florida Seat
  • Hands tool trade, two tools introduced and building a profit model for each. These tools keep the community healthy in age of electricity when they are combined with a trade.
  • The Contribution of the RULE discovery and subsequent study.
  • The introduction of term "Arkitect," where ark is added definition "construction of belief," and indicated is the arkitypes, the logical orders of belief. Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Tribal, Hindu, ... I have applied order as an Arkist with reference to an Arka, a pluralization of the beliefs referenced of a society.
Applied Approach as Florida Seat
  • Operation SCUD proof, pioneering a defense of a majority of nations skies, and our own, and atmosphere over land for some period of time. (Short term and long term repsonse to weapon of conflcit harming or affecting environment, my region only)
  • Research relative to local defense from solar and war time activity of measureable circumstance and detriment. (resolve to teach among the people)
Recent elluminous aspirations
(this members contributions in puzzle solving with pieces found here and there.)
  • Intelligence; Illuminous of Illuminati (Chapter started 2006, with 320 members, Orlando)
  • Environment; Elluminous of Elluminati (Chapter began, 2015, with multiple architypes as students; Volusia)
  • Where the accepted religious belief declared of the man or society is not a primary qualifying factor for inclusion to the elluminous; the arkist and archist order are indicated as aspired research., and a term indicated as arkitype. The term ark, arkist indicated while applying a persective of order among arkitypes..
  • I solved one of the oldest alleged magic symbols among mankind, as a RULEr for distance of light and radio and the shape of point time, a contribution to measure for the this chapter perspective, indicated with Angle of the Masons and the G for Governance Symbology. This contributed to the discovery and founding of the RULE Sciences; as point governance rule. Later Idenitifying shadow or light governments of the point rule energy process and how they affect mass or shape environment; and lead my actions without governing by other men (put on jacket or wear rain coat, ...). I am learning how to lead according to such principles and study is also indicated as measurement over time, and action regarding measurment according to self or leadership to resolve the problem. Example: energy weapon suspected. energy weapon found with uline measurment. apply the rule. argue life sustainable natural measurement. x years, then added was, with side affect of. challenge energy weapons or condition Relative to territory size. What is shown is method to manage earth for a million years of mankind, and keep eveyone alive by managing a pearl condition of the nations.
  • I am resolving how to apply the RULE Sciences, for the Arch of RULE Government, to one local county, and to reference the actions of larger adversary on our borders and farther.

Elluminati Business, Inspired or not

Moves resembling action by elluminati organizations.
Elluminati is refernce to environment and the illuminati a reference to intellgience. Political Activity Resembling Elluminati Activity Government Agencies Suppoting Elluminous Work Interested in Illuminati? Read more about Intellgience and the illumunati. It is because we are intelligent, that we protect our environment, shepards of our garden planet creation.

Elluminous Charter!

Elluminous is a reference to achieving rank within elluminati. The RULE is shown to make the Pyramid at top of the structure indicated and indicated governances for my work. An ellumunious position has aspired by the work they do to such levels of shepard for natural environments or restoration, and other projects like restocking the oceans, or... it is a personal aspiration.

First Annual Report for the Government of an Arch 2018. Coming Soon! This version of the Elluminous Charter is for evaluation, a final version will be released before May 1st of 2019 per Florida State reporting requirements and while seeking contributions or questions regrading the presentation.

Directory of Topics for Organization

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